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Personal Care - 7 IN 1 beauty care cleaning and massage

7 IN 1 beauty care cleaning and massage

Price: 15.99 JD


Item Description

Cleaning the skin and body massage and facial and hand and remove dead skin from the feet and heels
 7 IN 1 beauty care cleaning and massage 
Pedicure set contains 7 pieces and parts in various forms of face care, body and feet
The device works quickly, easily and safely to help restore skin health
Leaves your feet soft and perfect
Peeling dead skin cells and for the young and clean skin
Massage and distribute the cream on the skin and face to better penetrate the skin and keep it moist.
Remove coarse and hard cells under foot or elbow, a soft sponge to massage the eye and cheek
Ergonomic design suitable all people
The device works low speeds for rapid cleaning and peeling
Easy to carry during the movement and travel
The device works with batteries not included

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