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Personal Care - portable steam sauna Family with chair Slimming Full Body

portable steam sauna Family with chair Slimming Full Body

Price: 64.99 JD


Item Description

A sauna Bukhari mobile to get rid of obesity and feeling relaxed with chair portable steam sauna
Sauna bath and a portable compact helps in getting rid of excess weight and obesity
And relax the body and muscles and get rid of the fatigue and tiredness and peeling skin and impart freshness to the skin
It works on the smoothness of the body and increase the flow of blood circulation
Get rid of fatigue after a hard day's work.
Working to stimulate the skin and dissolve fat.
Ergonomic design where its slots for hands for freedom of movement during use and the possibility of reading
Thermal Special waterproof cloth saves heat, making it safe and comfortable to use
It removes toxins from the body and relieve the pain and burning fat and regulate the movement of the heart and blood vessels Activity
The possibility of adding some herbs to add natural aroma during use
Safe design where preferably automatically when there is a low amount of water
Temporarily to control the time of Use
It consists of a tent or Hot Tub retractable for easy storage and a bowl of steam
The wooden foot massager and 2 of the wooden beams and the water hose and sitting chair

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