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Sports & Fitness - Orbit Track withTwister

Orbit Track withTwister

Price: 114.99 JD


Item Description

Slimming all areas of the body and easily
Enough that you rehearse it for 15 minutes a day without any diet you'll notice the difference after a week
Works on all areas of the body
The arms, shoulders and back, center and abdomen, buttocks and legs
Ptnhev all means all areas of the body with one movement
Works to tighten the entire body and gives flexibility in movement
He also has a multiple resistors increase the effort to lose weight faster
Twister special turntable for the thigh and buttocks system
Featuring Taie easily after use
Sensors on the hands for the transfer of all the body's information to the electronic screen digital clock to measure heart rate, distance, speed, time and calories burned



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