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Household - Flavorwave Oven Turbo

Flavorwave Oven Turbo

Price: 49.99 JD


Item Description

The revolutionary infra chef halogen oven is the all in one cooking solution that can: bake, stew, roast, toast, sear, brown, bbq, steam, reheat and much more. The innovative design cook's tastier meats 3-inch by faster using a combination of three methods. First, intense heat transmission- the unique design converts electrical energy into an intense conduction heat just like a traditional oven. Second, infrared waves- the revolutionary heating element emits thermal heat waves that profile and penetrate food directly sealing in flavor and juices giving superior browning and crisping. Third, convection- a hot whirlwind circulates air around the food giving even cooking every time, with no need to turn. Cook meals faster and more easily with the infra chef family size halogen oven today.

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