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Sports & Fitness - Dudu Slimmer TURBO

Dudu Slimmer TURBO

Price: 49.99 JD


Item Description

Is easy to use and convenient device for men and women as well as easy to carry, movement and storage anywhere
Dudu Slimmer Turbo is the best and most appropriate device to flatten the abdominal muscles and remove the rumen and prevent Atralat abdomen especially Atralat postpartum
Dudu Slimmer Turbo device specialist for men, ladies and effectively.
Only five minutes a day to get the strength and attractive curvaceous where this device was designed and high-quality conformity with international standards specifications
Dudu Slimmer Turbo is designed for you as it is provider cut foam to protect the back during exercise and massage cut to the neck and head area
6 Zembrkat extra strength to bear weight up to 180 kg
Electronic hour meter exercises
Dudu Slimmer new device consists of parts explained below
Rear tires ... the flow of traffic during exercise and ease of use
Triangle rear ... to increase the durability of the device and carry high weights
Cutting massage ... Alosnfjah provider number six pieces of Massage back area perfect
Spring forces ... for easy device to push forward during use
Catcher lateral ... to be able to ease into the device and the lack of vibration during exercise
Massage the head ... for comfort during use and easy to control the level of headroom
... Padded seat Spongiform soft sponge to get adequate rest



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