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Sports & Fitness - six pack care 2015

six pack care 2015

Price: 79.99 JD


Item Description

10 Abdominal Exercise Fitness Versatile New Six Pack Care
1. Abdominal muscle training: as the Six Pack Care product line in 2015, the product earlier this versatile abdominal exercise machine retains the efficiency as well as its strengths with six springs assistance.
2. Tap thigh: this is a new step forward and extremely unique that other products do not have to be that is the thigh exercises when this product at the same time you can just set foot, newly set the exercise bike.
3. Tap the foot: support support as he can just set abdominal exercise bike.
4. Massage the back: computer support 6 massage rollers in the back to help users just can exercise abdominal exercises can just fold the foam roller can rotate 360 ​​degrees relaxing massage.
5. Massage the neck: 2 machines designed rollers above the neck, especially the low altitude of the machine can be customized for each person so anyone can use and be massaage neck, nape of equity capital soreness.

6. muscle training arm: with zipper Body Fitness Core, the hand will become easier but extremely effective.
7. Tap swivel waist: chairs rotate 360 ​​degrees allowing the waist of the user always toned and excess fat breakdown.
8. Tap cycling: this is a dedicated exercise and is the latest innovation of the abdominal exercise machine versatile Care New Six Pack This exercise supports the use of exercise bike common , exercise bike, mountain bike, exercise bike cross-country through the adjustment of the position of the pedal.
9. abdominal muscle training exercises improve: with this exercise, the users only need to remove the spring and fix the parts that had set foot abdominal muscle exercises improve without assistance.
10. Episode curved seat: If you are in need of a chair, the treadmill curved belly versatile Care New Six Pack will help you, especially with the massage rollers will make these exercises safer, quieter more loving and gentle.
Also this product is made from high-grade stainless steel springs and the mattress to make sure the foam and premium leather saddle makes a luxurious collection chomay New Six Pack abs Care



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