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Tools and equipment - Full Body Massage Mat Pad Chair Bed Floor Soothing Heat

Full Body Massage Mat Pad Chair Bed Floor Soothing Heat

Price: 39.99 JD


Item Description

1, Nice appearance, easy to carry, can be used for sofa, chair, bed. External power adapter with international standards, safe and reliable. For lumbar and leg pain, often elderly or disabled persons to sit for employment. Material is soft, like lying down after lying down on the people to be comfortable and cozy!

  2, Intelligent design, built-in nine high-frequency massage ball, three sub-groups vibration control, the user can neck, back, legs free adjustment control. ---- Super exclusive control when the control unit only turn on a moment when the motor power increased, the rapid implementation of specific parts of a strong vibration massage control.

3, With heating function waist, then lift the waist using the cold winter, heating can also stimulate the back of the cell viability, accelerate blood circulation, improve immunity to improve the waist, the effect of hot play. Of lumbar disc herniation with significant mitigation prevention function.

 4, Massage stalls strong, the weak impact of massage to bring you a different experience to enjoy! Simulate the vibration to achieve kneading, pounding, massage, film and other massage methods. Stretch tight muscles and body muscles, reduce tension and pressure in the body so the body extremely smooth, better promote the body's blood circulation, speed up metabolism and preventing the diseases and physical effect.

5 ,Import high-quality motor, more powerful vibration, noise, lower life expectancy than the use of similar products made durable motor. High-sided fabric, wear and lose their luster, sewing more precise, more solid feel, the overall image of the high-end. 

6 ,Unique variable speed regardless of the number block. Speed can be manually adjusted according to individual body needs to make more rational use of massage to enjoy the fun. Regular use can promote smooth body meridians, enhance immune cell activity and may relieve discomfort and reduce pain, reduce fatigue, relax body and mind quickly. Improving anemia, poor circulation has a good supporting role.
7,This is the best choice to your family and friend as a promotional gift.

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