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Personal Care - Zig Zag Slimmer Bamboo Charcoal

Zig Zag Slimmer Bamboo Charcoal

Price: 23.99 JD


Item Description

Zag zag Slimmer fabric bamboo fiber Bamboo
Working on slimming and tightening the stomach and lifting the chest and remove Lift chest and reshape the area waist and buttocks by Lift buttocks and slimming thighs, thus preserving the strength properly and show curves the body perfectly ..las only that but the correct curvature of the spine and to correct the conditions of the body and thus getting the perfect body, which has long dreamed of

Dynamic design to get rid of fat tissue accuracy unique body sculpting
It is made of a unique fabric bamboo charcoal bamboo plant * Antibacterial
Featuring a new design so comfortable to use * * taking into account the pressure between the chest and abdomen areas and buttocks so that the distribution of fat is evenly distributed and dispersed in all parts of the body and in places bloc before the fat burning we get the perfect body ideal Format ..

 Excellent because it removes odors and moisture and bacteria nicely. In addition to the infrared and outgoing ions keeps the warmth and enhance the biochemical reactions.

1. Eliminates odors
2. pulls sweat away and makes the skin dry and comfortable
3. adjusts humidity
4. gives you warmth

"Corsets Fitness" gives you the breaststroke and _khasra for ultra graceful elegance views
• Alchorsah design begins under the bra line directly
• smooth outer fabric makes the whole thing a soft and smooth naturally
• Unique strap around the leg flat on the skin Waistband
• light and comfortable cloth will not Arehgk
• Do not stick to clothes
• Handwash neutral detergent
• pressed lightly after washing and then left to dry in a cool place
• You should not use Candida
• Do not wash in the washing machine and pressed the wringer
• Wash manually just to keep him and his determination of distortion

Available all sizes



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