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Sports & Fitness - Cardio Twister Stepper Machine

Cardio Twister Stepper Machine

Price: 94.99 JD


Item Description

This fitness machine is the last novelty in fitness products that help burning fat and sculpt your abs and thighs at the same time. While regular stair steppers just work up and down, the Cardio Twister Stepper offers a multi directional stepper movement that helps define effectively the whole body. Stepper Cardio Twister has a compact, strong design and is the fastest, funniest way to be in shape. It is a workout system that burns fat, tones up your muscles and helps sculpt attractive abs, everything at the same time with its new system of cardio and twist exercises. Now this is the best way to do fitness at the best price.
Favour metabolism
Improves body flexibility and joint mobility
Bi-directional, your legs move up and down and inside and outside
Anti-glide and bi-directional pedals
Padded handles
Firm, stable base
Strong design of steel
Several resistance levels
New system of cardio and twist exercises
Burns body fat
Helps sculpt abs
Stimulates and strengthens your legs, hips, thighs, arms, buttocks, calves and back




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