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Household - Roto Champ rotary cutter for cutting vegetables and fruit

Roto Champ rotary cutter for cutting vegetables and fruit

Price: 27.99 JD


Item Description

The modern way to shredding circular-saving effort and completely safe unlike all other sectors and the food sector to shredding and not age
Roto Champ Each circular cylinder shredding in a different way from the other and sophisticated help in cutting vegetables for cooking tasty and nutritious work of authorities of all kinds.
Slicer Roto Champ modern and elegant and are indispensable in every modern house because they are cutting vegetables and fruit with ease as well as it is safe for washing in the dishwasher.
Slicer Roto Champ consisting of several multi-cut 5-cylinder uses them for different cutting as well as a large bowl and spoon and grater

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