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Personal Care - Belly Angel Belt slimming

Belly Angel Belt slimming

Price: 73.99 JD


Item Description

Now a new generation of Billy Engle expert weight loss, to get a slim waist and curves wonderful body of expert weight loss works to get rid of fat without the need for any exercises .bbassath without any effort and without stopping
It can be used anywhere in the home, car or office
Contains a charger for the home and office and can b delivers lighter car

Made according to US technology, a technology INIET with waves vibrato Almudallkh, to get rid of the fat and tighten Aljsm.ohma What differs from its predecessor. It is the first of its kind to contain five sets vibrating and thus get rid of fat faster.

Billy Angel is safe and can be used to communicate directly plugged Alkahrbaai and thus can be used everywhere without worry .haka Billy Angel revolution in the world of slimming

10 minutes each day equivalent of 100 abdominal exercises. 120 minutes of swimming .alt 60-minute bike ride of 180 minutes

Billy Engle in the new version contains 3 one cut of the waist and the other arm and the other for Orgel.imkn used together. You can get rid of abdominal waist fat arms and legs in the same Aelloukt.vqt 10 minutes every day.

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