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Offers - Now offers H2O Mop X5 5-in-1 Steamer + Miracle Blade World 13 pc

Now offers H2O Mop X5 5-in-1 Steamer + Miracle Blade World 13 pc

Price: 54.99 JD


Item Description

The x5 h2o mop x5 5-in-1 steamer! designed to clean and sparkle virtually all the surfaces in your home without harsh chemicals, the powerful 5-in-1 steamer converts ordinary water in grime-busting steam seconds. Whether it's the bathroom or kitchen as a super-maneuverable floor mop, or in the nursery or on backyard grill as a lightweight hand held steamer this machine is perfect for almost any cleaning job.



With Miracle Blade World Class you can perfectly and easily chop vegetables for stir fry, filet fish for dinner, slice cheese and fruit for party platters and more! Miracle Blade World Class knives are a perfect addition to any kitchen. 
Miracle Blade World Class will make all your cutting tasks easier. Miracle Blade World Class look great and cut even better!
Miracle Blade World Class Series includes:
2 Miracle Blade Slicer
1 Universal Knife
1 Rock 'n Chef
1 Filet & Boning Knife
1 Chop 'n Scoop
1 Paring Knife
1 All Purpose Kitchen shears
4 Steak/Utility Knives
1 Cheese Knife

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