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Personal Care - SWAL SHOES


Price: 59.99 JD


Item Description

SWAL SHOES made of effective materials work to burn fat and increase the lengthsame time. Made of

high-density polyester is comparable to the 6 levels in one shoe. The shoe insole contains a

magnetwhichgeneratesenergymagnetic help to promoteblood circulation and relieving foot during friction

land, as well as a foot massage.

Walkingwith SWAL SHOES is equivalent to  running 1 kilometerwith normal shoes. Walking one

hourparallel running one hourwith normal shoes. With no sweat or breathShortnessshallburn calories,

loseweightveryfast& in a healthyway.

Magnetlocatedherewearingshoeswhich serves to double the energyexpended and help the body to move

more strongly by promotingblood circulation and thusachieve the goal of weightloss in a healthyway.

To ensure ideal weight, you have to lose calories daily. All youneed to do dailywalk for 20 minutes & if

you add another 10 minutes will double effect. Come on let’sstartnow.

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