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Personal Care - Magic Comb

Magic Comb

Price: 36.99 JD


Item Description

Magic Camp product for hair dye natural materials friend of colostrum. Full hide white hair into a black color is rich in long-term care is a nice Magic Comb

Product features:

Security: Technology Korean Chinese making, the special structure of the teeth of the comb makes hair dyed completely during the comb teeth pass through the hair so that the color does not reach the scalp.

Easy: One-click on the valves up dyes and the installer to the teeth of a comb for the hair.

The owner provides you with:

Comb can be used repeatedly to provide Almal.kma it saves money to go to the beauty salon.

How to use:

- Shake well before use.

- In combing and dyeing comb your hair over and over again in several directions; and thus the hair roots are completely dyed.

- Foam leak from the teeth of the comb Daalaa.evdil that may cause comb teeth are filled with foam.

- When hair dye Ocean ear, use a comb and a few small amount of foam.

- After combing keep the hair on the case for 30 minutes or more as appropriate Nctefh shampooed.

- Upon completion of the combing should remove the top of the comb to rinse with plain water.

- Must be maintained holes comb clean to prevent clogging.

safety precautions:

- This product can not be used to dye eyebrows or eyelashes.

- Keep in a cool place; direct sunlight or heat sources and avoid the rays.

- Please refer to the usage instructions by the dye.

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