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Personal Care - gel activ Tech everyday insoles

gel activ Tech everyday insoles

Price: 11.99 JD


Item Description

The insole and heel Gel silicone to protect the foot from pressure or walking while shopping and to take care of the foot and relieve pain.
Also a perfect regular high-heeled shoes or any type of shoes for shoes to protect against the pressure of the feet.
It consists of a layer of soft foot protection from damage
If you want to shop for a longer period, a picnic with family or enjoy going for walks and exercise
The new insoles support your feet, so you can be comfortable all day long.
And help to reduce the excessive pressure of walking or daily activities.
Easy to clean water, and wipe oneself at the same time and can be worn on the spot.
gel activ Tech everyday insoles
Available for men and women
It is the story of all sizes
It removes the pressure on the foot
Material: Silicone Gel and medical
Suitable for both sexes

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