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Personal Care - V-Comb remove Head Lice

V-Comb remove Head Lice

Price: 28.99 JD


Item Description

Comb removal of head lice and their eggs device is an electrical device that eliminates lice and eggs with ease combing. Simple and easy to use,
V-Comb remove Head Lice
Innovative technology to remove head lice and eggs without chemicals
Comb teeth of stainless steel
The device has a 4 Filters & Charger
Easy to use and ergonomic design
Easy to clean for the treatment of head lice regular
Pick up head lice and eggs
Run power supply which
Comb removal of head lice and their eggs V-Comb remove Head Lice device
Here's this special comb, which is an effective and natural to get rid of head lice, since he does not use harmful chemicals, and can be used by adults and children together. This device works to remove lice and eggs during combing hair, which is equipped with stainless steel teeth of who walks through the scalp to remove lice. When finished, all you have to do is be the separation of the filter and remove the cover to get rid of it healthily.

Effective removal
This comb will be an effective and very easy to get rid of lice from your baby's head when you discover the Ugoda, and works efficiently on dry hair and without the use of any harmful to the hair chemicals, all you need is a new filter and installed easily on the basic body of the comb, and then, you will be able start treatment immediately. In contrast, the filter works to catch lice and eggs safely and withheld away.

Easy to use and clean
This is the best and fastest electric comb is a way to get rid of lice completely, it uses a drag force to eject the lice and eggs from the hair of his teeth while working on the hair layoffs. The head of the comb is designed to provide you with full comfort regardless of the length of your hair, and it also provides you with full ease of cleaning, thanks to the supplied filters and cleaning brush are disposed of when treatment is completed.

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