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Household - Multi-Functional portable Steam Iron Brusher

Multi-Functional portable Steam Iron Brusher

Price: 27.99 JD


Item Description

1. household steam iron of trips and travel.
2. small size, steam-powered 900-watt Alzhlh
3. You do not need a table to order, just hung clothes on the hanger and start Balki fun.
4. Facility with an explosive to add water to iron
5. proper for curtains and large spaces
Multi-Functional portable Steam Iron Brusher
portable steam brush
Process steam for trips and travel iron
Small size, strongly amazing steam works
Suitable for Hraar not leave a trace on the black color
Steam iron handheld portable lightweight iron works to remove wrinkles from clothes and remove odors also
Very practical, where you can carry it anywhere and small in size so it can be placed in a travel bag for use at any time and any place.
Steam iron hand is safe to use and fast, and give you the best results
Pressing all kinds of clothes kind and sensitive
Aharaar shirts abayas subtraction Alastair
And is fast and streamlined
Harmless on fabric on the contrary, remove wrinkles from clothes without fear of temperature and high
Your boyfriend to travel, easy to use and storage of their small size

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