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Offers - fast hair straightener + Salon Shaper 25JD

fast hair straightener + Salon Shaper 25JD

Price: 25 JD


Item Description

Senior Personal Care products offer 25 dinars
Thermal comb to pull bristle Magic Street for fine hair in moments of fast hair straightener
Home nail care pedicure device and munkar with an explosive Travel Salon Shaper
Magic Street comb to get the hairstyle in moments
Brush Hair Straightener
Alternative blow dry comb works on heat temperature control Digital decode hair entanglement
Thermal comb to pull bristle minutes and make it silky without effort or fatigue, has a digital screen to control the temperature as you wanna
High hairstyles, thermal brush to lay off hair dryer and hair by heat and that Taatgman the digital system for the temperature of 230-60 degree to suit all hair types
Is a device that works with electricity for up to a certain temperature - as the user prefers helps speed hairdressing and allowing free and smoothness is designed in the same regular hair brush body.
Method of use: The hair comb in stages, each stage comprising a lock of hair, comb it pass for 5 seconds, then start Bal_khaslh the next, and so to the completion of the entire hair
Suitable for all hair types
L. DE LED display for easy display data during operation
Balozafarma to take care of a few simple steps and you are in the house
Mmizalibdkir your home with ease and speed. Device includes five heads
* Special head clean the skin around the nails.
* Special head to clean under the nails.
* Special head to form the edges of the nails.
* Special head for the formation of nails in any shape you want.
Ras special Ptenaim the outer surface of the nail.
In addition to the packaging or bag to save the device
A battery-powered device is attached
Nail care device with high-speed rotation and powerful They can Bazafrck care without the need for beauty centers.
It is helping to shine nails and give it a lot form you can not resist Jamala and you can use it at home
Or any place or travel

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