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Personal Care - Wax Warmer Hot Wax Heater Salon Spa

Wax Warmer Hot Wax Heater Salon Spa

Price: 23.99 JD


Item Description

Heating and melting wax body hair removal device pritech wax hair
Heating and melting all types of candles. Additional include aluminum container through the lid prevents contamination of wax
Ease Akharakh wax from the device to derail the entire package and ease of control and bring it back once again
Product Dimensions: 20 cm x 20 cm x 15 cm
Color: white and purple
The existence of holes in the lid to steam out
By the temperature of the medium and high grade
Wax Warmer Hot Wax Heater Salon Spa
How to use:
Before you start make sure that the use of skin completely clean
Apply the wax in the heating pot and my job machine
Test your wax heat to a small area first
Unfold the wax in the direction of hair growth on the area to be hair removal, including an area approximately 15 square centimeters
Put your paper to remove hair above the area where the wax and Dotai
Use your hand to press the paper and returned that the direction of hair growth
National disarmament of wax paper quickly, unlike the direction of hair growth

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