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Personal Care - Showliss PRO Kills Head Lice & Nits

Showliss PRO Kills Head Lice & Nits

Price: 28.99 JD


Item Description

Showliss PRO Chemical Free Electronic Head Lice Treatment Kills Head Lice & Nits
Lice Vacuum with 4 replacement filters and lice comb
This lice vacuum, lice comb, and lice vacuum bags bundle is all you need to remove lice and nits from your, or a loved one's scalp. The lice comb and vacuum are reusable and safe to use on multiple people. The vacuum bags quarantine lice and are easy to dispose. Rest easy knowing you don't have to resort to harmful shampoos that can contain pesticides and other harmful chemicals to remove lice. With the lice comb, vacuum and bags you can confidently eradicate lice from your scalp. All three products are safe for use on children and adults. The bundle comes with a lice vacuum, 4 vacuum filters, and lice comb.

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