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Household - he-house waffle maker

he-house waffle maker

Price: 27.99 JD


Item Description

Waffle Electric Watt Cool Handles with Lock Locker Waffle He-house Waffle Maker
Instant Waffle Candy Cold-out device from outside the device for safety A strong, non-stick inner surface
Our waffle maker is the perfect kitchen appliance for making waffles or pancakes in minutes! Featuring non-stick cooking plates, safety hunting on handle and compact design for easy storage.
Power 700 watt cool handles with locking lock he-house waffle maker
Equipped with a light signal when the wafer is finished
Waffle is a cake consisting of a mixture of flour, sugar, eggs and milk. Baking powder and butter or oil are added to it. Waffle cake is decorated in the form of adjacent boxes. It is placed in special waffle machines and can be decorated with cream, chocolate, jam or honey. And many of the waffle making machines have grown in number and the producers are competing in making the finest species. In this article we present a list of the best machines to help you choose the wafer making machine. And the finest in terms of design and features.
Color black and silver

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