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Personal Care - Spa Fx Facial Scrubber

Spa Fx Facial Scrubber

Price: 19.99 JD


Item Description

About Spa-fx
Have you always wanted a Clarisonic facial brush, but didn’t want to drop the cash? Spa-fx offers a similarly spinning facial brush that can be used with your favorite cleanser and claims to provide all skin types with a flawless, healthy complexion.

Spa-fx isn’t just a single-use device, but a “Deluxe Skin Care System,” the cornerstone of which is a battery-operated, waterproof handle. The handle itself is simply designed and features only a power button.

What makes Spa-fx a “system” is its four different head attachments, including:

A synthetic bristle facial brush, which is used to cleanse your face.
A body brush, which looks similar to the facial brush, but with a larger diameter.
A facial sponge, which appears to have the texture of a blending sponge.
A pumice stone, which can be used to smooth rough areas, such as your heels.
For those who aren’t familiar with rotating facial brushes, each of these attachable heads pops on and off with a gentle twist.

With the exception of the facial sponge, each of Spa-fx’s detachable heads are intended for use in or out of the shower. (Although we wouldn’t suggest submerging the device in a bathtub.) The brand claims that cleansing with a Spa-fx brush massages and exfoliates your skin, allowing for deeper cleansing, as it whisks away dirt, oil, and dead cells.

So, what’s the facial sponge for? The product’s website claims that this attachment helps your skin better absorb your favorite moisturizer.

According to Spa-fx, regular use of their rotating facial brush leads to softened fine lines, minimized dark spots, and cleared pores.

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