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Household - Shower Head Spa Water

Shower Head Spa Water

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Shower Head Spa Water

Filtered Hand Held Shower Head Filtration System Help Reduces hair loss. Rainfall Spa Water Saving, Negative Ionic Ion Flow Filter Handheld Shower head. Purifies Water, Remove Chlorine

Enjoy Luxurious Spa Experience with Bath & Relax Negative Ion Mineralized ShowerHead with 3 Modes Function (Rainfall, Massage, Jetting)

Improves natural moisturizing factor of the skin 

Impurities in your tap water will often dry your skin and cause an imbalance in your oil glands. With the purifying effect of the bioactive stones our shower heads will help you restore balance. Health benefits may include smoother skin, reduce oil secretion, increase cell viability 

Improved cleansing effect and hair loss prevention 

Negative ionic shower heads activate the water to effectively wash away oil that clogs up the hair follicles and suffocates the hair. 

Bath & Relax Shower Head Features : 

Experience The Luxury of Negative Ion Mineralized Shower Spa at The Comfort Of Your Bathroom with 3 shower modes to choose from 
Changes Tap Water Into Clean and Soft Water by Softening Function of 3 Layers of Filters in the shower head 
Laser Perforated Technology Feature saves water by as much as 30% 
Get Smoother Skin, Reduce Oil Secretion, Increase Cell Viability 
Turns any Shower into a Shower Spa Experience 
Suitable for Men, Women, Children and Pets 
EASY INSTALLATION. Connect to any Standard Hose in Seconds,and You're Ready To Go (Hose not Included) 

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