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Personal Care - Rose Star belt

Rose Star belt

Price: 85.99 JD


Item Description

Rose Star belt technology works vibration of 360 degrees by the weight loss products and the strength of a superb and save you from excess fat in all parts of your body in a way secure, convenient and moderns as well.

Belt works by effectively engine vibration rate of up to 8,000 times per minute, which leads to solid fat transfer to the three-fat easily expelled from the body through sweating. Vibration at high speed the strongest of the big belts.

Within minutes, the first use you will notice the hottest muscle, and with daily use regular strengthens and tightens the muscles significantly, either use Rose Star for more than a month alter the body shape completely as he changes clothes measurement clearly and use constant for ten minutes a day will lose at least 5 – 7 kg per month.

You feel the sense of burning fat during the first 20 minutes by feeling the heat and sweating that appears in the form of greasy denote the melting of grease and fat burning.

Rose Star belt multiple uses in different areas of the body is not only for slimming the stomach area, but within which to remove the contouring of the chest, buttocks, arms, and legs, and can and comfortably body massage Members complete and where it can be used as a massage and relaxation for people who suffering from fatigue and tiredness.

You can remove the toughest fat and that made her unique technique for this belt, it is a direct impact on the deep fat in the body, it works on stretches and relaxes the muscles by vibrations able to break down fats and keep muscles fit continuous.
You can control the intensity of vibration through the control device is located with the belt.

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