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Sports & Fitness - Dudu Slimmer Twister

Dudu Slimmer Twister

Price: 53.99 JD


Item Description

Dudu Slimmer Twister Get now this amazing exercise device Dudu Slimmer Turbo Twister is the best exercise device that anyone would aim to have.
DUDU SLIMER TWISTER. The best device for slimming and tightening of the muscles of the abdomen, waist, thighs, buttocks, mobility base and triangular force developed 6 Zambrat and 3 back of the neck contains exercises for all parts of the body and tighten the muscles of the chest equipped with a circular base intelligent moving circular movement integrated to tighten the abdominal muscles side and eliminate the tummy tuck and remove rumen and thighs and buttocks thanks to The moving rule property of the right and left seat
 (TWISTER) within a short time. Advanced device that carries weights up to 180 kg
• The abdominal exercises of the device help to slim the middle part of the body
• The device focuses on the muscles of the abdomen and lower back and sides
• Supports your body rollers while doing exercises
• With padded seat and rear wheels for complete comfort
• Foldable for easy storage
The Dodo Slimer Twister is the ideal solution for strengthening and building muscles, designed to help you perform the right exercises: abdominal muscles, lower back, and both sides are the muscles most affected by this device.
• DuDu Slimmer Twister is the latest sports equipment to get rid of rumen and belly fat / a very good and effective device with back and neck supports / different resistors / high weights up to 180 kg / different levels of exercise / modern design and elegant / small size / easy to fold and storage does not take space.
• Mobile base (Twister to eliminate the hanger)

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