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Personal Care - GOGO Massage Hammer

GOGO Massage Hammer

Price: 28.99 JD


Item Description

Three sets of interchangeable massage accessories, non-slip rubber handle. 
Strong double massage intensity, speed can be adjustable. Use both hands to massage the back and forth, and the contact pressure with the size of the human body to adjust massage intensity. 
Light and flexible, simple operation; 
May be needed, massage the neck, waist, arms, big legs and other parts; to the rapid elimination of fatigue, ease muscle tension and pain; accelerate blood circulation, increase cellular oxygen supply, strengthen cell activity, the body and mind feel relaxed; [Application and Use Tips] 
This product is particularly suitable for the elderly and long-term White Collars, drivers friends a health care supplies. 
Scientific use of massage on the body to promote blood circulation Shujin, improve metabolism, increase body resistance to disease and other effects. Used for the first time not too long massage, a good idea to try 10 minutes to 15 minutes  what the body does not appear ill, can be appropriately extended massage time, but each time it is best not to use more than half an hour 

Do not continuously use the machine more than 15 minutes to prevent overheating, should be allowed to cool down again after use. Do not such as blankets, pillows, and covers the use. Do not use the unit in pets. Heart disease, do not place in the heart massage; parent's health will always be the greatest happiness of their children, and parents most in need of the most practical gift is health. Cikuan massage / massage pillow, you can massage the neck, waist, back, hands of various diseases common in the elderly. that is affordable and practical, is the best sons and daughters give their parents gifts, is the old favorite. Tips: When using the baby, please follow the instructions on the method of operation! Remember the first standard. 

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