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Personal Care - Cervical Massage Shawls

Cervical Massage Shawls

Price: 33.99 JD


Item Description

Cervical Massage Shawl For Deep Tissue Relief
Get relief from unwanted stress and fatigue and give a boost to your immune system by Cervical Massage Shawl. The innovative Snug-fit, Drum-massage technology eases tension and stress from your back and shoulders, offering deep tissue relief. Its body-hugging design provides targeted contact points on your Neck and Back, thus providing a powerful punch that penetrates deep into the muscle layers and provides soothing and effective relief for your body. The Cervical Massage Shawl with its powerful drumming massage pounds away stress and tension to rejuvenate, invigorate and energize you. It can be also applied on your Calf and Thighs. No need to go to Spa or a professional massager. 

Featuring the Signature Power Drum-Massage, The Versatile Cervical Massage Shawl that Provides Deep Tissue Relief for Aching Neck and Shoulders. 

The Invigorating Power Drum-Massage Provides Deep Tissue Relief, Loosening your Stiff Muscles to Improve Circulation So You Feel More Energized After Each Massage. 

Pamper Yourself with Pre-Programmed Auto-Rhythmic Massage at Different Intensity Levels to Suit Your Varying Needs. 

Compact and Portable, It Allows Close, Comfortable and Targeted Relief of Muscle Aches and Strains Around the Neck, Shoulders, Abdomen, Waist, Thighs, Hips and Lower Back. 

Portable Hands-Free Design with One-Touch Control Panel.

Massage helps you:
1. Promote better sleep 
2. Increase flexibility 
3. Reduce heart rate 
4. Improve circulation 
5. Alleviate muscle pain 
6. Accelerate muscle recovery 

1.Hands-free tapping massager
2.Drum muscle aches away and transform various parts of your aching body to a state of comfort and well-being
3. Percussive rhythm improves blood circulation and relaxes tense muscles
4. Massage is also said to improve lymphatic flow, immune system and nerve function, thus helping you sleep better
5. Easy-to-use control panel
6. 20 different intensity levels of tapping massage
7. 99 unique rhythmic massage cycles
8. Heat therapy is possible

1. Upscale PU material
2. Several intensity and massage modes for your choose
3. Pre-programmed auto-rhythmic massage
4. Portable hands-free design
5. Special design to make the massager attach to you body, attach like magnet to massage more effectively
6.Over-current, over-temperature protection circuit make you feel more safe and reliable massage belt

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