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Personal Care - Sole & Soul Shoes

Sole & Soul Shoes

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Item Description

Sole & Soul Shoes Product Description

It is a medical shoe is one of the more healthy and professional shoes was designed by a special research team in collaboration with the International Joint Institute for Medical Research Health has been tested on the feet of more than 10,000 volunteers over three years. It is a revolution in the world of medical shoes, a massage works and rested the foot during walking and stimulates blood circulation and prevention of different diseases and gives the body vigor and vitality.

Sole & Soul shoes has different functions and uses that distinguish it from other footwear, where it is exceeded the latest studies and research in the world of health.

Foot Massage:

The shoe is the first of its kind that works on a foot massage while it cause comfort in activity and a sense of energy and vitality of the body while walking and movement.
Disease Prevention and Foot Treatment:

Shoe insole medical contain depending on one of the famous foot treatments, a reflexology where the shoe contains 10 points communicate through the contact points in the soles of the feet with all the vital organs of the body and that helps build and open the blood vessels clogged, promote blood circulation and activation, improve sleep quality, to assist in the prevention of the curvature of the foot and fingers and disease prevention in general problems.
Product Features:

Design with elegant shape similar trademarks which allows both sexes to wear it with ease dislocation and wear for the elderly because it contains a hole in the back to pull out the shoes easily.
Does not produce any bad odors due to the presence of shoes ventilation openings.
Takes the shape of the foot with the introduction shoes an angle of 85 degrees for the convenience of the fingers, which prevents slipping the shoes designed against falling for it is considered the safest for the elderly
Shoes have weight of 170 grams, equivalent to the lightweight and flexible of an apple.
Available in black and beige
Available sizes: 36 to 45

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