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Personal Care - Nose Up Lifting Shaper

Nose Up Lifting Shaper

Price: 18.99 JD


Item Description

Nose Up Lifting Straightening Shaping Clip Beauty Tool Nose Shaper
--This is a small tool to help the nose shape, let nose smaller and adjust the nasal type these two functions, nasal soft tissue and cartilage, so use for a long time to finalize the design product, was more scientific.
--It is not plastic surgery, need every day, at least 1 to 2 months to work, don't entertain wild hope can change in a few days, not possible.
--Change as confident beauty. "The new position-Nose Up beauty's nose implement", want to have a natural, beautiful, straight and type of nose, and don't want to spend money into the hospital integer?
--Use every day as long as 15 to 30 minutes, can let you have the ideal beauty nose! use every day 15 ~ 30 minutes, can natural, beautiful, straight nose!
--On both sides of the long side to select the reasonable can or short side do adjust. special material, safe, comfortable, not harm skin. 

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